I Listened

Posted 2 years ago

Apes of the State performing "I Listened" from their album "This City Isn't Big Enough", on A Fistful of Vinyl, live at Culver Stage. I feel like this song would be like the partner track to a b-side from Cheshire Cat.

Pick up the Apes of the State album "This City Isn't Big Enough" and the rest of the Apes of the State music from ApesOfTheState.com, and listen live to A Fistful Of Vinyl on KXLU, Thursdays at 9PM.

Host/Exec Producer- Alec Hodgman Producer/Art Director - Kirk Hodgman Camera Technician - Thomas Mcaulay Camera Technician - Rachael Flatt Camera Operator - Sarah Vorhis Audio Engineer - Stefan Richter Audio Mastering - Kevin Cabano

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